Lafarge’s 10-year permit with the Government of Alberta is up for approval in May 2021.

Since 2019, Lafarge has been granted back-to-back, one-year extensions while awaiting the decision on its amendment to use low carbon fuels onsite. With the low carbon fuels amendment now approved, Lafarge will begin work on renewal of its overall operating approval.

The biggest change in operations will be the adoption of the approved low carbon fuels amendment approved by the province in April 2020. Two new raw material protocols will be introduced because of that work.

The Government of Alberta has also requested additional air modelling work to be done; WSP, a third-party contractor is proceeding with this work. This modelling will be focused on Kiln 6 and will be completed in early 2021. Modelling will follow the Alberta Environment and Parks Air Quality Modelling Guideline. It will measure Particulate Matter (PM) and 90 other pollutants, including Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrogen Dioxide.