Students in Mount Royal University’s (MRU) Environmental Science Program will soon have an opportunity to further their understanding of the stack sampling process with the help of virtual reality. A new 360° interactive video was shot from the perspective of the Kiln 6 stack at Lafarge this fall and is currently being produced.

MRU’s Environmental Science Program prepares students for air quality careers in government, environmental consulting, occupational health and safety, and as instrument and equipment
vendors. Accessing industrial facilities and remote field sites can be challenging. This video project creates an immersive experience for students to understand the steps involved with sampling of stack emissions.

Stack sampling is the process of extracting a representative sample from the stack during normal operating conditions to measure the amount of substances released into the atmosphere.
It is a requirement for many industrial operations and the data is used to ensure compliance with emission limits.

The new virtual reality video will bring this experience into the classroom and engage students on the practicalities of air sampling within active sites. The digital approach to a field trip will provide access to locations that many students will be unable to visit in person and teach them how to sample air from flue stacks. The will learn how to complete stack sampling monitoring, including health and safety, design of sampling trains, and collection of samples, all in the context of active site conditions.