Lafarge is pursuing a multi-year research project to look at the use of lower carbon fuels. The overall goal is to reduce carbon emissions to align with the province of Alberta’s Climate Change Leadership plan. Lafarge is currently in the early stages of this project, working closely with the community and fuel, human health and government experts. While the Lafarge Exshaw Cement Plant kilns are set up to use natural gas, because of the low cost of that fuel right now, they can be adapted to burn lower carbon fuels as well. As part of the research project, Lafarge wants to replace 30–50 per cent of fossil fuel use at Canadian plants with lower carbon fuels by 2020. Lafarge Exshaw’s new Kiln 6 was designed to use up to 80 per cent. While Lafarge is in the conceptual stages of this research project, the plan is to evaluate 8 fuel types. The fuels were selected based on a study of what types of materials are available in Alberta:

  • construction renovation and demolition waste
  • non-recyclable plastic
  • carpet and textiles
  • shingles
  • treated wood products
  • wood products
  • rubber
  • tire fluff.