Low Carbon Fuels project officially breaks ground

Dec 1, 2022Plant News


After 5 years of lab simulations, environmental studies, economics and logistics reviews, and community engagement, Lafarge Exshaw’s Low Carbon Fuels Project has broken ground.

In October, the Plant welcomed Reeve Lisa Rosvold and Councillor Jennifer Smith from the Municipal District of Bighorn to join Brad Kohl, CEO of Lafarge Western Canada, to celebrate.

In use at other Canadian Lafarge plants since the 1970s, low carbon fuels are proven to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and reliance on fossil fuels for cement processing. Once operational, these alternate fuel sources will supply the Exshaw Plant with up to 35 per cent of its energy needs. Along with reducing carbon emissions, the low carbon project addresses the highest levels of dust mitigation by ensuring alternate fuels remain contained at all times, including delivery to the Plant