Lafarge, in partnership with Alberta Environment and Parks and the Wild Sheep Foundation of Alberta, is contributing time and financial support to help the provincial government expand its bighorn sheep radio-collar program.

The aim of the project is to collar another 40 bighorn sheep in the area over the next five years to manage, monitor and protect these important species. Currently 30 sheep have already been fitted with radio-collars.

With more data, the province will be able to analyze the abundance, distribution, habitat use, movement patterns and health status of bighorn sheep. This will lead to a greater understanding of the factors that may impact the long-term sustainability of this species.

“We are excited to be working collaboratively with Alberta Environment and Parks to collar bighorn sheep and monitor their movements in the valley and learn more about what we can do to improve and develop habitat for bighorn sheep,” said Nick Veriotes, Manager of Environment and Public Affairs for Lafarge in Exshaw.

Lafarge is also committed to continuing its work with the Wildlife Habitat Council to develop, improve and maintain natural habitat for bighorn sheep. The partnership is part of Lafarge’s commitment to promote healthy habitats, safeguard natural resources and restore ecosystems for the protection of native species.