2022 community donations exceed $70,000

Nov 30, 2022Plant News

Contributing to the communities surrounding our operations is important to us. Each year, we proactively identify the organizations who will receive funding from the Exshaw plant. This year’s recipients provide a wide-range of services and benefits for communities throughout the Bow Valley. Lafarge recognizes that many non-profit organizations are still to recover from the financial impacts of the global pandemic and remain committed to offering essential financial supports.

The 2022 granting cycle recently awarded over $70,000 to several organizations, including Bow Valley Victim Services, the Exshaw Community Association, the Exshaw School, the Canmore Museum, and Minor Soccer, softball and more. These organization work closely with people and groups in the Bow Valley and consistently exhibit a commitment to community building, social consciousness, and offering supportive resources to people in need.

“Lafarge is proud to support organizations that offer meaningful services and benefits to our communities. We understand that the last couple of years have not been easy, and everyone appreciates the commitment these organizations have shown throughout the pandemic,” said Reda Anbari, Plant Manager.

“The work that these organizations do touches all of our lives: from healthcare and mental wellness supports to learning programs offered by our schools and libraries. These are truly essential services and Lafarge is pleased to help where possible,” adds Anbari.

In addition to our proactive selection of non-profits, Lafarge accepts applications from organizations in the Bow Valley that demonstrate financial need and address at least one of three pillars: health, education, or environment. Lafarge is committed to working closely with community difference-makers in their delivery of products and services for area residents.